Joanie Schirm

Joanie Schirm

Joanie Schirm won the 2013 Global Ebook Award for Best Biography for her book: Adventurers Against Their Will. Potomac Books will publish the second book, her father’s epic WWII tale, My Dear Boy: A World War II Story of Escape, Exile, and Revelation on March 1, 2019. Joanie is an award-winning writer, photographer, community activist, and retired Orlando, Florida businesswoman. The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Oswald Holzer, she grew up on a sandy barrier island on the Space Coast of Florida, a place where extraordinary memories are made and pelicans soar. A sought after public speaker, she is internationally known for her highly successful leadership role in Orlando’s hosting of FIFA’s 1994 World Cup USA 1994. She is the proud parent of two adult children, Kelly and Derick, and lives in Orlando with her husband, Roger Neiswender. Her books can be purchased here.

  • La Poste – via a mysterious post card, past meets present

    La Poste – via a mysterious post card, past meets present

    As a storyteller, I know we never are the sole author of anything that happens to us. During my nearly decade old writing journey, I’ve experienced many moments that appear to spring unexpectedly from the universe.  Recently, one such jolt arrived at my home via U.S. mail. Stamped “La Poste” on a white envelope with…

  • A timeless, universal wish.

    A timeless, universal wish.

    In the Czech language, Poslední přání translates to last wish.  Seventy-five years ago today, in Nazi-occupied Bohemia my Jewish grandfather Arnošt Holzer sat down at his desk in Prague and wrote his Poslední přání in a letter to my father. By then, my young physician Dad, Oswald “Valdik” Holzer had fled his native land in…