• A Last Goodbye – 80 years ago

    A Last Goodbye – 80 years ago

    Learn from the past. Change the future. On this day 80 years ago, May 21, 1939, my twenty-seven-year-old Czech Jewish father, Oswald “Valdik” Holzer said his last good-bye to his parents at the Prague railway station. After Nazi-occupation and persecution, dad was driven from his native land. His 1st port of refuge was Shanghai, China.…

  • Past Meets Future

    Past Meets Future

    So many cool things happen along my writing journey. At the moment I’m seeking educators (high school through college) to be advance of publication readers of MY DEAR BOY and provide a review to the publisher, Potomac Books. Since my father, after he retired from his Melbourne, FL medical practice set up the student health care…