Past Meets Future

So many cool things happen along my writing journey. At the moment I’m seeking educators (high school through college) to be advance of publication readers of MY DEAR BOY and provide a review to the publisher, Potomac Books. Since my father, after he retired from his Melbourne, FL medical practice set up the student health care program at Florida Institute of Technology, I reached out looking for someone appropriate to ask to participate. For 10 years, my dad donated his time and salary to the university, and my parents set up the Holzer-Lequear endowment for bio-genetic research, so I hoped someone would remember the history. I was referred to the “unofficial Florida Tech historian,” history professor Gordon Patterson. After I sent him my email plea, he sent me this response. My heart sings when stuff like this happens:

Dear Ms. Schirm,

I believe we may have met years ago. Your mother and father delivered the inaugural lecture in 1985 in the university’s humanities lecture series which I directed for twenty-five years. It was a lovely Thursday evening. They spoke about their return to China and sailing on the Yangtze. Jerry and Natalie Keuper, Jim Stoms, John and Patricia Miller were on the front row. I wrote my dissertation in Vienna and had a number of delightful conversations with your father about the Habsburgs.

I have taught at Florida Tech for nearly 40 years and knew your father well. Your parents were remarkable people. I look forward to reading your book when it is published. At this moment, my discretionary time is limited with finals, a Ph.D. defense, papers, etc. on the horizon. I can only promise a few minutes to review a pre-publication manuscript and would not be able to write any comments.

Many thanks for contacting me. Wishing you the success you deserve, I remain,

Respectfully, Gordon Patterson

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